A new way to monetize your app.

Heyzap Ads are a beautiful, engaging way to monetize your traffic. Simple integration, great design, smart targeting - all backed by the biggest gaming social network on mobile.

Version 6.6.1 for iOS and Android Apps

What if ads could be beautiful?

Breathtaking design, paired with Heyzap's unique, intelligent targeting, make Heyzap Ads an outstanding app monetization platform. Leveraging the power of our unmatched social-preference engine helps you deliver the highest value impressions in the most elegant channel available.

We know users’ tastes, but we also know what developers want. We've worked with thousands of developers to create and refine the easiest to integrate mobile ads SDK.

Download and integrate the SDK now, and start making money faster than you can blow the dust out of a Nintendo cartridge.

  • The Smartest Way to Monetize

    We've put our gaming network and experience to work for you. Using our deep knowledge of users' tastes and playing habits, we're able to target impressions based on potential to convert. That means higher eCPMs and happier users.
  • Powerful Dashboards

    Intuitive visual dashboards allow you to analyze every aspect of your revenue at-a-glance. Automatic data export via CSV and API puts you in complete control.
  • Advanced Tools

    Grow your app and capitalize on your loyal following with market leading cross-promotional tools. Cross-promoted apps automatically appear in Heyzap’s gorgeous format, with robust dashboard controls and install detection.


    Android Phones/Tablets
    Kindle Fire
  • Boost the discovery of your app

    Earn More

    Unparalleled click-through rates and an ever growing advertiser selection generate exceptional eCPMs with 100% global fill rate.

  • Cross platform – get check-ins on iOS and Android

    Easy Integration

    Download the free Heyzap SDK and claim your apps in the dashboard. Heyzap supports iOS, Android, and most popular gaming frameworks. No unfamiliar steps or non-standard code, and we’re happy to QA your integration. You’ll be generating incremental revenue in minutes.

  • Increase retention of your app

    Ideal User Experience

    Enable Heyzap to transform ads into targeted app discovery. Your users receive only relevant content presented in an amazing design.

  • Super fast integration – 15 minutes!

    Get Paid Faster

    Our official policy is net-30, but our goal is to always pay faster. Money earned each month is typically transferred as soon as it clears on the other side of the network.

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Version 6.6.1 for iOS and Android Apps
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