- Adding An App

When you Add an App, you are associating an app that you or your development team have created to the Fairbid platform for monetization or user aquisition.

Step 1: Sign into the Dashboard

To begin, go to the FairBid Dashboard and log in with the email and password you used to sign up with FairBid. You'll land on the main page of the Dashboard.

Step 2: Adding the App

To add an app to the FairBid platform:

Please Note:

The app that you app must have the Fairbid SDK integrated.
You can integrate your the FairBid SDK at a later time by following any of our integration guides.

For Existing Apps

  • Select the platform for your device by clicking a platform icon
  • Enter your app's name, app store page URL, or app package
  • Click Search

enter image description here

For New Apps

If your app has not yet been uploaded to the app store, you will need to manually add it by:

  • Select the platform for your device by clicking a platform icon
  • Clicking the Click Here link
  • Enter your App's Name
  • Enter your app's Android package (for Android) or bundle identifier (for IOS)

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For Android devices:
Your Android package name can be found in the Google Play Store url. It usually takes the form com.developername.appname.
Example: 'https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fyber.mysuperapp'

Package name: 'com.fyber.mysuperapp'

For iOS Your Bundle Indentifier can be found by opening Xcode > select Xcode project > choose Target > "General" tab > Bundle Identifier.

Step 3: Saving your App

  • Click the Add button (this will save your app in the FairBid platform)

Next Steps:

Congratulations, your app has been added to FairBid.
If this is the first time you are using FairBid or this is a new unpublished app, in order to monetize your app, you need to: