- Configuring Mediation

The Mediation Overview module in FairBid allows you to see at a glance:

  • See the name of your app(s)
  • Quickly jump to the Revenue Reporting for the app(s)
  • See the app(s) platform
  • See ad networks enabled for your app(s)
  • Quickly jump to the Mediation Insights Reporting for your app(s)
  • Configure the Ad Networks for your app(s).

To access the Mediation Overview module

Step 1: Sign into the Dashboard

To begin, go to the FairBid Dashboard and log in with the email and password you used to sign up with FairBid. You'll land on the main page of the Dashboard.

Step 2: Mediation Overview

To manage mediation in the FairBid platform: Click Mediation Overview from the sub-menu..

You'll land on the main page of the Mediation Settings. enter image description here

Step 3: Configuring mediation for An App

For each app you wish to configure:

  • Click the Settings link

You'll land on the main page of the Ad Network Management. This page controls the mediation settings for the specific app that you have clicked on.

Ad Network Management

By default, all activated networks are enabled. Activated networks are shown with a green icon. Networks that have not been configured or activated appear with a red icon. enter image description here

Activating an Ad Network

To activate an ad network:

  • Click the ad networks name
  • Select the ad formats your app will support
  • Complete all the required fields
  • Click the Save button for the network
  • Set the Status to On


Each ad network is different in terms of support and requirements. Not all ad networks support all ad formats, some may require API keys and additional SDK integrations.

Programmatic mediation:

Programmatic mediation functionality is only available for some networks. If you require this functionality, please contact your support manager.

enter image description here

Tip : Mass Configuration of Networks :

You can configure all of your apps at once by using the Integration Wizard. The values you set in the Integration Wizard will override any values set here.

Deactivating an Ad Network

To deactivate an ad network:

  • Click the ad networks name
  • Set the Status to Off The selected ad network will now show in the Medation Overview with a red icon to denote that is not in use.

enter image description here

eCPM Overrides (Advanced)

Our algorithm automatically calculates the expected eCPM for a given ad network, country, and ad format. You can use eCPM overrides to overrule the algorithm and manually set an expected eCPM.

Using the overrides will change the order in which ad networks are called. For example, if the calculated expected eCPM from FairBid for Network A is $1.01, and Network B is $0.99, without overrides or any targetting criteria, FairBid will try to fill with the highest expected eCPM looking at historical values. In this case, Network A would have the highest expected eCPM. If you wanted network B to try to fill first instead of Network A, you can set expected eCPM using the override option.

To override the expected eCPM of a given ad network

  • Click the section entitled eCPM Overrides (Advanced)
  • Choose the ad network from the dropdown list you want to override
  • Add criteria such as geo-targeting, ad format that you want the override to apply to
  • Click the plus icon.

To remove the override on an expected eCPM of a given ad network

  • Click the section entitled eCPM Overrides (Advanced)
  • Choose rule which you want to delete
  • Click the trash icon