- Server-Side Video Callbacks

Server-side Rewarded Video Callbacks

You can set a secure rewarded server-side callback on the publisher settings page for your app. This will cause FairBid to hit an endpoint on your servers of your choice as confirmation of a view on a rewarded video.

Rewarding Users

The rewarded server-side callback happens asynchronously and should not be used to give rewards. Rewards should be given using client-side callbacks, using the server-side callbacks to confirm the reward.

Callback Structure and Behavior

The request you make uses POST with the following parameters as form parameters:
external_package: (the game package)
platform: (the platform)
device_id: The id for the device, dependent on platform (so you can give the reward to the right user)
secret_key: A key specified on your account. You can confirm this key on your server-side to prove that the request is coming from our server. The secret key is automatically generated on your publisher settings page once an endpoint is entered.
tracking_id: A unique ID per transaction that allows you differentiate between hits to the endpoint.
custom_data: A string that you can set from the SDK when showing a rewarded video, like the user's ID or level name, etc., or an empty string by default. This feature was added in SDK v9.1.3 for Android and iOS.

Security Alert!

The Secret key you find in the dashboard should never be placed in your client-side integration. This is a token that should be kept secret between your servers and ours. You should ensure that there is no possible way that any of your users can access it.