- Using Creatives

Creatives are the images and videos that promote your apps. Beautiful, engaging creatives create an awesome user experience for viewers and drive more installs. You can upload landscape and portrait images as well as videos. We support HD and don’t have a maximum file size -- all standard image and video file types are supported.


  • Android Portrait - 720 x 800
  • Android Landscape - 1280 x 624
  • iOS Portrait - 1024 x 1300
  • iOS Landscape - 1334 x 600
  • GIFs supported


  • Preferably 15-30 seconds
  • HD (1280 x 720) , minimum height of 304p

At minimum, one portrait and one landscape creative are necessary for a campaign to run. However, we encourage you to add as many creatives as you can -- our network's machine-learning algorithm will determine which ones perform best and prioritize accordingly.


The focus of your creative should be on the app. We recommend all creatives contain the app title, lots of eye-catching color, and exciting graphics. If uploading many creatives, try to make each creative capture a different aspect of gameplay, various characters, or exciting features. Whenever possible, localize creatives to the countries you are targeting for maximum conversion.


Every app/game is different in terms of pacing and design, but here are some guidelines to help:

  • Between menus
  • When the app is opened
  • After exiting from an in-game store without making a purchase
  • Natural breaks in gameplay
  • After the user has reached an in-game achievement
  • Between levels/rounds/stages

Creative Examples

Airport City



FairBid provides you with a powerful set of tools to manage your creatives. Clicking the “Manage Creatives” button on the left sidebar of your campaign dashboard directs you to a page where you can add, change, detach, and group your creatives.

enter image description here

Managing Your Creatives

You can group your creatives by creative, or by campaign. In both views, you can see thumbnails of all creatives.

By Creative Grouping by creative allows you to easily manage large quantities of creatives. You can add a Creative Group to as many or few campaigns as you’d like -- any changes to Creative Groups are synchronized accordingly with the campaign(s) they are associated with.

By Campaign Grouping by campaign allows you to view all creatives associated with a specific campaign. You can quickly add or detach individual creatives from each campaign.

Note: Clicking "detach" will remove creatives from campaigns, but keep them on our platform.


Clicking "delete" will completely remove the selected creative from our platform. Completely deleting a creative will keep us from sending you valuable statistics regarding your campaigns, so delete with care!


Creative Stats

Enabling creative stats is easy. Go to any app on your dashboard, and click "Install Tracking" from the left side bar to view our Macro List.

enter image description here

Using the {CAMPAIGN_ID} macro in your Click URL allows you to gather information about the creatives generating clicks for your apps.

Macro List


Look & Feel
Fyber reserves the right to reject creatives that exhibit the following:

  • Graininess
  • Pixelation
  • Poor Cropping

Fyber creatives may NOT contain the following:

  • Nudity
  • Profanity
  • Excessive Gore and/or Violence
  • Sexual/Mature Content
  • Other Explicit Content (as determined by Fyber)

Fyber creatives should not be misleading, and should not be promoting an app other than the one depicted.

Fyber reserves the right to terminate campaigns containing creatives that break any of the above-mentioned guidelines.