Advanced Publishing

Server-side Rewarded Video Callbacks

You can set a secure rewarded server-side callback on the publisher settings page for your app. This will cause Heyzap to hit an endpoint on your servers of your choice as confirmation of a view on a rewarded video. This happens asynchronously, and should not be used to give rewards. Give rewards using client-side callbacks, and use the server-side callbacks to confirm the reward. The request will POST the following parameters as form parameters:

external_package: (the game package)
platform: (the platform)
device_id: The id for the device, dependent on platform (so you can give the reward to the right user)
secret_key: A key specified on your account. You can confirm this key on your server-side to prove that the request is coming from our server. The secret key is automatically generated on your publisher settings page once an endpoint is entered.
tracking_id: A unique ID per transaction that allows you differentiate between hits to the endpoint.
custom_data: A string that you can set from the SDK when showing a rewarded video, like the user's ID or level name, etc., or an empty string by default. This feature was added in SDK v9.1.3 for Android and iOS.