Android SDK - Amazon Ads

Our Android FairBid SDK supports the Amazon Appstore. Amazon ads work on Kindle Fire devices as well as other Android devices with the Amazon Appstore installed. All of the instructions for Android ads apply, with a few differences noted here.

Kindle Fire Detection

Our SDK will detect when it is running on a Kindle Fire device, and will show ads for Amazon apps exclusively.

Showing Amazon Ads Manually

Kindle Fire detection works automatically and covers most use cases. However, it is also possible for users with non-Kindle Android devices to manually install the Amazon Appstore and then install your Amazon app. To make sure that FairBid will show Amazon ads in this case, you can manually set a flag in the build that you submit to the Amazon Appstore. Just add the AMAZON flag when you call HeyzapAds.start():


Activity activity = this; // if you are in an activity
HeyzapAds.start("<PUBLISHER ID>", activity, HeyzapAds.AMAZON);