Important: Support for this extension will be discontinued in December 2019
Buildbox is a powerful game creation tool, and major games like Color Switch have used Heyzap mediation with Buildbox. Heyzap's core features (showing interstitial and banner ads) have native support in Buildbox, but some of our more advanced features (notably our tools for testing and debugging your integration) need some extra effort to enable. Heyzap has started collaborating with Buildbox and we're working together to make the Buildbox–Heyzap integration seamless.

Integrating Heyzap

  1. From your Project Settings, choose Advertisements, then add your publisher ID to the Heyzap field. Your Publisher ID is: .

    Add Heyzap publisher ID to Buildbox

  2. From the Buildbox Flow Chart page, select select a box. Under "Advanced Options" on the right sidebar, choose Heyzap for the "Ad Interstitial" field.

    Have Heyzap show an interstitial as a step in the Buildbox Flow Chart

  3. Generate your Xcode project

Debugging Heyzap using Buildbox

When Buildbox generates an Xcode project, they include the Heyzap binary, but not any of the header files that would allow a developer to access it. To remedy this, we'll just add the header files manually:

  1. Download the Heyzap SDK:

SDK v9.51.0

  1. Unzip the file, then traverse through: ios-sdk > HeyzapAds.framework > Headers. Drag these header files into your Xcode Project. Now you'll have access to the Heyzap APIs.

  2. In the file, add this code to the loadingDidComplete method:

    #import <HeyzapAds/HeyzapAds.h>  // Add this to the top of the file
    - (void)loadingDidComplete {
       [HZLog setDebugLevel:HZDebugLevelVerbose];
       [HeyzapAds presentMediationDebugViewController];
  3. Now launch your app. You should see the mediation debug suite appear, and from here can test individual networks.

    Warning: Sometimes after showing an ad via the mediation test suite, the app crashes. We're looking into the cause of this, but it appears to be a bad interaction between Buildbox and the test suite, and shouldn't affect your real game.