Launching a new app? Leverage your existing users for free.

Heyzap's cross-promotion tool allows you to advertise your new app in your existing apps. It's free, easy, and puts you in complete control. Turn on cross-promotion from your dashboard to start showing static interstitial, video interstitial, and/or rewarded video ads across your Heyzap-integrated app portfolio. No extra integrations, no cost, no fuss.

When to Use

You'll want to try cross-promotion when:

  • Launching a new app
  • Moving users to a similar app
  • Letting users know of another app in your portfolio that has been updated (new content)
  • Moving users to a sequel and/or companion app

Get Started

  1. Add the app you want to cross-promote to your dashboard by claiming it here. Cross-promotion ads for this app will show in your Heyzap-integrated apps. If you need help integrating our SDK, visit our documentation for step-by-step instructions. If you've already claimed your app, skip to step 2. You can run cross-promotion campaigns across a fraction, or the entirety of your portfolio.

  2. Go to your developer dashboard, and click Cross-Promotion.

    enter image description here
    Select the app you want to cross-promote from the top-left drop down menu. Click "Cross-Promo Settings" found on the left side bar to turn on your campaign and customize its settings.

    enter image description here

  3. On this page, you can set everything from frequency, creatives, targeting, and blacklisted apps for your cross-promotion campaign. You can return anytime to edit your settings. You don't have to specify any of these fields, but you must upload creatives in order for your campaigns to run smoothly. For help with creatives, check out our Creative Guide! We A/B test all creatives, so make sure to upload multiple creatives for best results.

  4. Once you've saved your campaign and uploaded your creatives, you can toggle your cross-promotion campaigns on/off on the main cross-promotion dashboard. Rest assured, Heyzap will never show a cross-promotion ad to a user who already has the app installed!

In the screenshot below, cross-promotion for Bestest App Ever is turned on, which means that ads for Bestest App Ever are now showing in your other Heyzap-integrated ads.

dashboard bestest app ever

If you have apps A, B, C, and D, and you've turned on cross-promotion for A and B, this is what happens: apps B, C, and D will show ads for app A, while apps A, C, and D will show ads for app B.

Your cross-promotion dashboard has two views. You can view stats per app, or you can choose your app from the top right drop down menu to view daily and publisher app breakdowns for a specific app. For more help, check out our cross-promotion FAQ, or contact us.

Opportunity Cost

Cross-promotion is 100% free to use, but there is a hidden cost -- revenue you could have generated if the impressions weren't spent on your own apps. The opportunity cost column on our cross-promotion dashboard shows the money you could have made if the impressions were for external ads.

opportunity cost

In order to stay in control of your inventory, we offer you a convenient way to change the maximum percentage of your impressions that are allocated to cross-promotion campaigns. The slider at the top right of your cross-promotion dashboard will change how much of your inventory goes to cross-promotion in real time. Using this tool will ensure you preserve whatever chunk of your inventory you'd like for advertising revenue.

max inventory

You can have even finer control by setting the frequency with which each cross-promotion impression is shown in the Cross-Promotion Campaign Editor (see Step 2 above).

cross promo frequency

To learn more about opportunity cost and discover cross-promotion best practices, check out our blog.

More Information:

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