Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do I start to monetize my apps with FairBid?

    We have a resource page that walks you through the integration of the FairBid SDK into your app. You can get started by taking a look at our documentation.

  • Does FairBid show ads globally? What are your strongest countries?

    FairBid shows ads in all countries. The United States is our strongest country by performance and number of advertisers. However, our machine learning lets us optimize eCPM in every country.

  • Why does user experience matter so much when it comes to ads?

    Our ads help developers maintain a great user experience. High quality, well-targeted ads ensure that you get great app reviews while maximizing revenue.

    We provide a great user experience by:

    • Showing the most relevant ad possible using machine learning

    • Making our ad formats beautiful

    • Using high resolution creatives

    • Loading the advert instantly for both interstitials and videos

    • Making it easy for users to close ads

  • What actions do I get paid for (impressions, clicks, or installs)?

    Fyber pays you for every install driven through your apps. We pay only on install, as this helps our advertisers achieve measurable ROI on their campaigns. It’s a win for publishers and advertisers alike. FairBid Mediation supports third party networks who operate on other models besides CPI (like CPCV).

  • I have 500+ impressions, lots of clicks, and still no revenue. Why?

    Fyber pays on installs, and not on impressions or clicks.

    Even if your impressions have led to installs, it can take a few hours for the user to open the app they installed, and for the install event to be registered.

    You should wait until you have at least 10,000 impressions and 2 days before looking at eCPMs.

  • Do you have a family-friendly mode?

    Yes, FairBid has a family-friendly mode for games which target a more sensitive audience. When family-friendly mode is turned on, only apps which are appropriate for these audiences will be shown. Advertisements which include gambling, excessive violence, adult content, etc. will not be advertised on a family-friendly app. You can find the option to turn on this mode in your App Settings on the dashboard.

  • Are non-gaming apps advertised?

    FairBid advertises gaming and non-gaming apps. We will automatically optimize which category of advertiser performs best for your game.

    You can exclude non-gaming apps from being advertised in your app by going to the “App Settings” page on your FairBid dashboard.

  • What is blended video?

    FairBid provides the option to show both video and non-video ads with a single ad call. Our machine learning algorithms will determine the best ad format to show for any given impression by optimizing on over 20 dimensions. This allows you to maximize both revenue and user experience with minimum work -- you need only make one ad call, and we’ll figure out whether a video ad or static ad will convert best, whether the user has enough bandwidth to load a video ad, whether they’ve seen too many video ads in a row recently, etc. By automatically switching between static and video ads, FairBid can increase the revenue you make while maintaining an awesome user experience.

  • Why should I switch from banners?

    We have many publishers who use banners as well, but…

    • Interstitial ads, when implemented correctly, actually provide a great user experience and don't interfere with gameplay and screen space like banners often do.

    • Our video ads are high quality, engaging, and skippable. Our network uses machine learning to constantly improve our targeting to serve the right ads to users who are more likely to respond to them.

    • Interstitials, on average, have a higher eCPM and will make you more money than banners.

    Additionally, a lot of top games are using our interstitials, and their user growth and retention haven’t been affected.

  • Can I put the money I generate from publishing ads into advertising on FairBid ?

    Yes, you can find that option on your FairBid dashboard under “Developer Settings."

  • Can I blacklist advertisers?

    Yes, we provide the ability to blacklist advertisers. If you want to do this, you can email us through our support page.

  • Is FairBid COPPA compliant?

    Yes. We do not do behavioral targeting or store information on users who come from publishers who primarily serve an under-13 audience.

  • When do I make money through video ads?

    Just like with our other ad units, you get paid for each unique install of an advertised game. Video ads tend to have higher conversion and therefore deliver higher eCPMs.

  • Can I use the money that I earn to buy installs?

    Yes! We allow you to easily transfer earned balance into an advertiser account, and you can then use this to buy installs for your app. You achieve a slight discount for doing this, as there is no transaction fee incurred for leaving our system.

  • What languages do you support in your ad units?

    We support all primary languages of respective countries.

  • What are the developer APIs used for?

    The developer API contains stats about the ads you are displaying using the FairBid SDK. You can get the number of impressions, clicks, installs, and revenue per day for any app you are displaying ads in for a specified date range. This is useful if you want to get data in bulk. You can also get your data out in CSV format.

  • What is a Publisher ID?

    Publisher ID is FairBid's unique ID for every publisher in our platform. This ID identifies you to us when you ask for ads in your app, eliminating the need for you to claim specific apps.

  • Where can I find my Publisher ID?

    You can find your Publisher ID by hovering over your username on the top right of every page, and clicking Account to see your Account Details.

  • How do I find my Android package name?

    Your Android package name can be found in the Google Play Store url. It usually takes the form com.developername.appname.


    Package name:


    FairBid uses package as the unique identifier for apps on Android.

  • What SDK should I have to be compliant with Google Ad ID?

    We’re recommending all our current publishers update their Heyzap SDK to our newest version, 7.1.1 (available on our site now) which fully supports Android Advertising ID, to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

    For developers updating from any pre-6.5.0 version of the Heyzap SDK, please note that you will now need to include your Heyzap Publisher ID in your integration.

  • What timezone is my dashboard reporting in?

    All FairBid stats are reported in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • Can I export my ad revenue data to App Annie?

    Yes! Simply add your FairBid account on App Annie and your Heyzap data will be imported to App Annie. You'll need the email address you use for FairBid and the API key found on your FairBid account page.

SDK / Integration

  • Is the SDK free?

    Yes! The FairBid SDK is 100% free. There are no costs to download, integrate, or use it in your app. For help, use the guides.

  • Where should I place FairBid ads?

    Every game is different in terms of pacing and design. Here are some guidelines to help:

    • Natural breaks in gameplay

    • After the user has reached an in-game achievement

    • Between levels/rounds/stages

    • Between menus

    • When the game is opened

    • After exiting from an in-game store without making a purchase

    You can also use FairBid ad tags to monitor your ad performance. With ad tags in place, you can compare your ad stats on our ad revenue dashboard, and also turn ads at any tagged location on or off, without needing to make a game update.

  • How should I use FairBid rewarded videos?

    • Rewarded videos are a great way to monetize more users and boost engagement.

    • With rewarded videos, you reward your user with coins/gems/gold/other in-app currency for watching a video ad.

    • You can utilize rewarded video in your app with either unlimited views (higher revenue, lower eCPM) or limited views (lower revenue, higher eCPM).

  • How big is your SDK?

    • Android: 280KB

    • Amazon: 280KB

    • iOS: 1.25MB per CPU architecture

      • If you're using Bitcode, the file your users download will only include the CPU architecture of their device, so FairBid will take about 1.25 MB. Since all of FairBid's third party networks support Bitcode, we strongly recommend enabling it.
      • If you're not using Bitcode, the default CPU architectures most people compile for are armv7 and arm64, so FairBid will add 2.5 MB. If you're also compiling for armv7s (Not recommended by Apple), FairBid will add 3.75 MB.

    On iOS, the SDK you download from our servers includes unoptimized Bitcode as well as code for specific CPU architectures. This is not reflective of the final size added to your app, which will be orders of magnitude smaller.

  • Do FairBid ads auto-scale to the device’s screen size?

    Absolutely. In fact, we were one of the first ad networks to do this.

  • Does my app need to be live in the App Store/Play Store for me to integrate the FairBid SDK?

    No, you just need to know your Android Package or Bundle ID, and then you can claim it on your FairBid dashboard.

  • What permissions does the Android/Amazon SDK require?

    On the Android and Amazon SDK, the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET permissions are required.

  • Does your SDK use Advertiser ID, IDFA, and respect limit ad tracking?

    Yes. Heyzap's SDK uses IDFA on iOS and Advertiser ID on Android, and does not transmit or store information on users who have limit ad tracking enabled.

  • What are ad tags and how can I use them?

    Tags help you optimize your monetization by monitoring and adjusting our ads performance across different dimensions, without having to make game updates.

  • Is the SDK compliant with Google Play and Apple App Store's requirements?

    Yes. To protect the interests of both our advertisers and our publishers, we make sure to stay compliant with Apple and Google's Terms of Service.

  • How do I find my Publisher ID?

    Make sure you are logged into your FairBid account. In the documentation, look for:

    "Your publisher ID is:"

    You can find it in your respective platform's documentation.

    iOS Documentation

    Android Documentation


  • How do I add funds to my account?

    You must reach out to us at if you are interested in advertising with us.

  • What payment methods do you support for advertiser invoices?

    We currently support:

    • Wire transfer

    • ACH

  • Where does your traffic come from?

    All of our traffic comes from the relationships we have fostered directly with other app developers, a majority of whom make games. We serve only the highest quality interstitial and video ads inside of native apps on Android, iOS, and Amazon.

  • How many installs per day will I get?

    Install volume is highly dependent on CPI price, conversion rate, and targeting. FairBid serves the advertiser impression with the highest estimated eCPM based on data from our machine learning algorithms. Campaigns with wide targeting, good conversion rates, and high CPI prices can receive upwards of 5,000 installs per day. However, a campaign targeting a single country or device may receive closer to 10-100 installs per day.

  • Can FairBid handle high volume?

    Yes. FairBid has a global network with thousands of direct publishers. We work with you to optimize and meet your needs.

  • What are FairBid's Advertising Insertion Order (IO) terms?

    We use the IAB 3.0 standard Insertion Order terms with some minor tweaks intended to expedite the campaign update process. This allows us to better serve our advertising partners’ needs.

  • Can I blacklist publishers?

    Yes. We can pass you anonymized publisher identifier via the click URL. If you identify publishers that you don’t want your campaigns to run on, you have the option to blacklist them, preventing your ads from appearing in their apps.

  • How are installs tracked?

    There are a number of industry-standard options we provide for tracking installs:

    • 3rd-party attribution networks such as Hasoffers, Kochava, Ad-X, Appsflyer, and Flurry. We can work with any server-to-server tracking solution out there.

    • FairBid install-tracking for any advertiser who doesn’t use 3rd-party tracking.

    • We also support using your own install tracking, such as a custom install tracking link. As long as you include our macros in your tracking link, we can pass along all the necessary information about the install.

  • Do I have to integrate an SDK to advertise?

    No, there is no SDK required to advertise with us. However, you can use standard install tracking providers if you wish.

  • What kind of targeting does FairBid provide?

    Advertisers can target users by: OS version, device type, connectivity (wifi/cellular), and country (geo).

  • Can I use FairBid if I’m an affiliate network?

    Yes, affiliates with mobile app CPI campaigns are welcome to use FairBid. We are designed to be a self-service ad platform and give our advertising affiliates direct access to our publisher network.

  • What is the easiest way to check on my campaigns?

    We have an easy to use dashboard for when you want to check on how your campaigns are doing, or to quickly and easily edit or set up new ones. You can log onto your dashboard here.

  • Does FairBid provide a reporting API?

    Yes, FairBid offers a reporting API that you can use to fetch a campaign’s clicks, installs, impressions, costs or get the device IDs of devices that have downloaded your app.

  • What are the advertiser APIs used for?

    The advertiser API can be use to fetch bulk data on clicks, installs, impressions, costs or get the device IDs (IDFAs or otherwise) of devices that have downloaded your app. You can also get your data out using CSV files.

  • Can I receive automated daily reports?

    FairBid sends weekly reports for all advertisers.

    If you would like daily reports, we have the capability to generate customized reports to auto-send to you on a daily/weekly/monthly, etc basis. If you would like to set up these reports, please send a request via our support page.

  • Can I change my CPI bid?

    Yes, from your FairBid Ad Dashboard, you can easily edit your campaigns, including updating the CPI bid.

  • Do you advertise non-game apps?

    Yes! You can advertise any non-adult-only ad campaign for a quality app and in good taste, including, but not limited to apps focused on: entertainment, retail, travel, lifestyle, media, sports, etc.

  • Does FairBid advertise paid apps?

    No, FairBid only runs advertisements for free apps.

  • Do you have a minimum spend?

    No, we are able to run campaigns of any size.

  • How does the switch to the Google Advertising ID affect me?

    If you are setting up ad campaigns for Android, then Google's Ad ID affects you. Starting August 1st, 2014, Google will no longer approve newly submitted or updated apps that use any persistent identifier other the Android Advertising ID for advertising purposes. Please check that all of your current and future Ad campaigns have a click url that contains a section to collect the Google Ad ID. We recommend including a section for the new Google Ad ID in addition to the current Android_ID to ensure backwards compatibility as the market stabilizes on the new standard.

  • Can I export my campaign data to App Annie?

    Yes, simply add your FairBid account on App Annie and export your campaign data from our system to their dashboard.

  • What kind of data do you collect after someone installs my app?

    We collect post-install event data like tutorial completions and in-app purchases, so we can drive higher volumes for our clients and convert more quality users.

  • Can I export my advertising campaigns reports?

    Yes, you can export campaign reports to analyze things like impressions, conversion rate, spend, and more for your advertising campaigns. On the advertising dashboard, simply click the “Export CSV” at the top of your dashboard with the date range selected that you want stats from.

  • Can I export my advertising creative stats reports?

    Yes, you can export your creative stats report. From the advertising dashboard, click into the app you want the creative stats for, then select the date range you want, and click "Export Creatives CSV".


  • What are your creative sizes?


    • HD, no maximum file size, standard image filetypes supported

    • Android portrait: 720 x 800

    • Android landscape: 1280 x 624

    • iOS portrait: 1024 x 1300

    • iOS landscape: 1334 x 600


    • Less than 30 seconds is optimal (1 min max)

    • Minimum height of 304p (HD resolution is preferred, 1280x720)

    • No maximum file size

    • Standard video filetypes supported

    • Must upload portrait and landscape creatives, as an image needs to be displayed after the video finishes, or when the user skips the video

    For more information, check our our Creative Guide.

  • Where can I see some examples of great creatives?

    Check out our Creative Guide for some examples and more info!

  • How do I get videos in my campaigns?

    In order to show videos in your campaigns, you must upload a video that's preferably less than 30 seconds and in HD resolution. You must also provide landscape and portrait creatives, as an image is displayed after the video finishes or when the user skips the video.

    For more information, check our our Creative Guide.

  • Can I A/B test my creatives?

    When you upload a new creative to a campaign, we automatically test the creative across our network to determine its optimal placement and conversion. For the best results, we recommend uploading several different creatives and we will chose the one which converts the best.

  • Can I blacklist my apps from showing cross promotion ads?

    Yes. If a particular app is showing cross promotion ads that aren't converting very well, users in that app are probably not too interested in your new title. FairBid lets you control which of your publishing apps show cross promotion apps.

    This makes it easy to cross promote Happy Panda 2 in Happy Panda, while making sure your users in Black Death: Hardcore Rage aren't bothered.

  • How can I access stats for my creatives?

    You can gather information about your creatives by going to any app on your dashboard and clicking "Install Tracking". Using the {CAMPAIGN_ID} macro in your Click URL allows you to see which creatives generated clicks for your apps.

    To learn more, check our our Creative Guide and scroll all the way down to "Creative Stats".


  • What is cross-promotion?

    Cross-promotion is a FREE way to leverage the FairBid platform to promote your apps. By turning on a cross-promotion campaign for any app, you'll show ads for that app in your other FairBid-integrated apps.

  • How much does cross-promotion cost?

    Cross-promotion using FairBid is free. We even allow video cross-promotion at no cost.

  • How do I turn on cross-promotion?

    You can start cross-promotion from your dashboard. If you turn on cross-promotion for an app from your dashboard, ads for that app will start showing on your other FairBid-integrated titles.

  • What are some common use cases for cross-promotion?

    • Launching a new app

    • Moving users to a similar app

    • Letting users know of an existing app that has been updated

    • Moving users to a sequel and/or companion app

  • Do I need to do any additional integration or add additional code calls to use cross-promotion?

    Nope! As long as the FairBid SDK is integrated in your apps, you can start using cross-promotion at any time, straight from your dashboard.

  • What formats do you support for cross-promotion?

    We support video and static ads for cross-promotion.

  • What are your specifications for cross-promotion creatives?

    Our guidelines for file sizes and types for creatives are the same for cross-promotion as they are for our advertising campaigns.

  • Do you run any optimizations for cross-promotion?

    Yes! We apply the same machine learning used in advertising campaigns to optimize cross-promotion.

  • Does FairBid show cross-promotion ads for an already-installed app?

    No. We detect if the user has that app already.

  • How many cross-promotion campaigns can I run at one time?

    You can run an unlimited number of cross-promotion campaigns at once.

  • How can I control how much of my inventory goes to cross-promotion?

    Our cross promotion dashboard allows you to set the maximum percentage of your inventory to be used for cross-promotion. Using this slider will ensure that you keep whatever chunk of advertising revenue you want to maintain.

    We provide an additional level of control by allowing you to set the frequency with which each cross-promotion game is shown.

  • Can I cross-promote paid games?

    Yes, but keep in mind the opportunity cost. The opportunity cost column on our cross-promotion dashboard shows the money you could have made if the impressions were for external ads.

Getting Paid

  • When will I get paid?

    Fyber will start paying our publisher partners after the accumulation of $1000.

    We process payments net 60 days after the end of the month with up to an additional 15 days of processing time.

    • Payments will not be processed and sent out until payment details and tax forms (W9/W-8BEN/W-8BENE) have been completely and accurately filled out.

    • You can enter your payment details and upload your tax forms on your FairBid developer dashboard here.

  • What payout methods do you support?

    We currently support: PayPal and International Wire.

  • What is the payment threshold?


  • Why haven't I received my payment yet?

    There could be a couple of reasons why payment was not received:

    • Please make sure you allow for the allocated processing time to pass, your payment could be on its way! Payments are processed on a monthly period. If you did not accumulate the minimum amount in the month, it will roll-over to the next month, and payment will be held until you break the requisite amount.
  • Why do I need to fill out a W8-BEN / W9?

    To comply with US tax law, we require publishers to upload one of the following completed and signed IRS tax forms: W9 (domestic) or W8BEN (international). W8BEN has now split into two forms: one for individuals and one for entities.

    You can enter your payment details and upload tax forms on your FairBid Developer Dashboard on the Developer Settings Payout Page.

  • Why is the amount on the dashboard different from the payment I received?

    Amounts can be withheld/released for advertisers being over 60 days late on payments. We keep track of this amounts and release them/update them every time we create payments.

    If you feel like our FAQ page has not addressed your questions, please reach out to including the following information.

    -Username *You can find your username on the dashboard link after “developer=”: -Description of Issue -Contact Name -Contact Email -Please include in the email subject line: “Heyzap Publisher - Billing inquiry”


  • I forgot my password! How do I reset it?

    No problem! Click here and enter your username or email address to reset your password.

  • How do I change my password?

    If you would like to change your password, go to the top right of any page and hover over your username. Click "Account" from the drop down menu to access your Account Details page. Scroll down to "Change Password" to create a new password for your account.


  • I have more questions, what should I do?

    Please send us an email with whatever questions you still have. You can email us through our support page, and we will respond to you in a timely manner.

  • Can I get technical assistance?

    Yes, we are here to help! If you send in an email to us through our support page with your details of what is giving you trouble, one of our specialized team members will help work with you to a solution.


  • What is mediation?

    Mediation manages the highest quality mobile ads with one dashboard and SDK. App developers set priorities for each network they want to run, and if networks with high priority fail to provide inventory, the mediator (FairBid) will drop down to the next network. FairBid will also include its core ad offering in this release.

  • Why should I use mediation?

    In mediation, FairBid's machine-learning algorithms ensure that the right ad from the right network is being served for every single impression you show. It gives you the power to dynamically test mobile ad networks each other and deploy the most optimal one, without needing to perform day-to-day maintenance. Our Mediation Insights dashboard visualizes country-level stats for each network.

    Mediation maximizes eCPMs and fill rate, and comes with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You can maintain and manage multiple networks from one dashboard, and reduce risk when picking partners.

  • Is mediation free?

    Yes, mediation is a completely free service, and we do NOT take a cut of your earnings from other networks.

  • How do I get started?

    It's easy to get started with mediation! Visit our Integration Wizard to begin. Our network-specific video tutorials guide you every step of the way.

  • Which platforms do you provide mediation for?

    FairBid Mediation is available for iOS, Android, and Unity3D, the same platforms supported by our standard advertising services.

  • Is the Mediation SDK the same as the FairBid SDK?

    Our standard FairBid SDK is the same as the Mediation SDK, but please be advised that you can only start using FairBid Mediation once you’ve provided us with the API keys for the networks you are using via our Integration Wizard, and have added the libraries of the other networks into your app(s).

  • What networks do you support?

    We currently support AdColony/Opera, AdMob, Vungle, AppLovin, Facebook Audience Network, ironSource, UnityAds, Chartboost, and MdotM. FairBid's standard SDK is included by default... Convenient, right? We will also be bringing on new networks as time goes by.

  • Do I have to use all the networks you support?

    Nope, you do not have to use all the networks we support. You can choose which 3rd party networks you want to use.

  • Which formats are supported?

    Mediation supports static image interstitials, interstitial videos, rewarded videos, and banners.

  • How do you choose which networks to show, and when?

    We collect statistics from each network and show the best performing ad available based on traits like geos, internet speed, etc. If our top choice doesn’t have an ad available, we go with the next best network.

  • Why do you ask for API credentials?

    We ask for API credentials to gather statistics on the performance of each network. We track impressions and clicks on our own, but without the API access, we wouldn’t be able to determine how much revenue each network is generating for you or prioritize them.

  • How do you get stats on performance from the other networks?

    We ask for API keys from each network you integrate, and use those to gather impressions, clicks, installs, and revenue. We also track impressions and clicks on our own. You can find these in the dashboard under the mediation tab.

  • What is Mediation Insights?

    Mediation Insights is a visualization of your networks’ true performance. You can see network priorities for each country at a single glance, and we provide eCPM and fill rate data for a per country, per network comparison. We’ve also got handy icons to flag out video-only networks and low fill rate situations that may distort your data. Our date selector makes it easy to see exactly the data you need and make before and after comparisons on performance. Try our demo!

  • How do I access Mediation Insights?

    Mediation Insights can be accessed through your Mediation Dashboard by clicking “Insights” next to the appropriate app. You need to integrate our SDK and gather 20,000 impressions before you see any data. If you’d like to try out Mediation Insights, you can access our demo here.

  • What can I do with Mediation Insights?

    In order to act on improving your eCPM and revenue in general, you need to understand some scenarios you may run into when running individual or multiple networks via mediation:

    Two Networks, Same Performance - If you are using two networks in a given geo and they are performing similarly, you can add one or more networks to optimize performance in that country.

    Video-Only Ads - Video-only networks tend to give high conversion rates and high eCPM, which is why they are probably given the highest priority for a given country. Impression caps can limit high-performing video ads, and you can visualize this with Mediation Insights.

    High eCPM, Low Fill Rate - Some networks have poor fill rates for a given country, but have high eCPM. This looks similar to the above video-only campaign scenario. This may make a big impact in countries with low inventory on other networks.

    Low eCPM, High Fill Rate - Networks with low eCPM will be pushed to the lower priority, but they may have high fill rate. This may also play a crucial role in countries with low inventory on other networks.

    Low Fill in All Geos - If you’re seeing low fill rates across all of your countries, you may consider adding one or more new networks to see if it performs better than your existing networks. If the low fill rates are seen in just one network, you can remove the low-performance network (unless your earnings are higher by keeping the network).

    Low Fill in One Geo - If you’re seeing low fill rates for all networks in one geo, adding one or more new networks may boost performance. You may also want to evaluate the compatibility of the geo with your app’s primary audience, as sub-optimal targeting can be the cause of your low fill rates.

  • Do you take a cut of other networks' revenue?

    No, FairBid does not take a cut of other networks' revenue – you'll still get paid directly by the other networks, just as you always have.

  • Will FairBid pay me for all of my mediation earnings?

    FairBid will only pay you for earnings made through the Fyber network. You must check with other networks you are using with mediation for earnings made outside of FairBid. Fyber will not pay earnings made via FairBid Mediation through other ad networks. The other ad networks have their own specific payment terms and you will be paid via their systems for each respective network.

  • Is the FairBid network favored over other networks in mediation?

    Nope! FairBid does not favor its own network over other networks you are using. Rest assured, we will always default to the most optimal network for performance.

  • Why do video ad networks (Vungle, etc) get fewer impressions?

    Currently, we only show video ad networks when you ask for a video ad. So if you primarily request interstitial ads, you will see fewer impressions from the video networks. Video ads can be more disruptive to the user than static ads, so we only allow video ads to display once every few minutes.

    Soon, you’ll be able to toggle how often your users see video ads from your dashboard.

  • I'm not seeing impressions from a non-FairBid network. Why?

    A few things could be happening here.

    • Have you entered valid credentials? Check your dashboard.

    • Is the network enabled? Check your dashboard to toggle games on/off.

    • Have you integrated a version of the mediation SDK that bundles that network? Make sure you download an SDK version that has all the networks you want to use selected.

  • I'm having issues with a 3rd party network. Who do I contact for help?

    See below for 3rd party network resources:


  • Is FairBid right for me?

    If you make apps, then yes! Thousands of app developers and ad partners are using FairBid to deliver spectacular apps to a global audience. We work closely with both indie developers and publicly-traded app studios to publish across iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms.

  • Where do I go to start monetizing my apps?

    You can integrate the FairBid SDK into your app to display our ads on your app. You can read more about getting started in our documentation.

  • What is Fyber?

    Fyber is a mobile advertising and developer tools company. We have a host of powerful tools, ad formats, and backend technology to help publishers maximize revenue, and to help advertisers easily acquire quality users.

  • Where do I go to start advertising my apps?

    FairBid advertising is fully self-service. You can start by going to the dashboard and creating a new Ad Campaign. Please note that all new accounts are subject to review by the FairBid Advertising Team before they can take any campaigns live.

  • What types of advertising do you show on your network?

    We show interstitial and video advertisements for free mobile apps. These advertisements are shown exclusively on FairBid's direct publisher network. Our ads are non-incentivized, and our attribution model is cost-per-install (CPI).

  • Does FairBid support non-gaming apps as well?


  • Does FairBid support banner ads and/or web ads?

    FairBid currently supports banner ads from AdMob, Apple iAd, and Facebook Audience Network through FairBid Mediation. We do not support web ads and operate on mobile only.

  • What is machine learning, and how does FairBid use it?

    Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn from past data to make future decisions.

    Our network determines what kinds of apps users like, and offers them recommendations based on what they're more likely to install. FairBid's algorithms look at billions of recommendations and data points to constantly improve what ads are shown, where they are shown, and how often they are shown.

    In FairBid Mediation, we use machine learning to test your networks against each other in real time. This allows us to deploy the network that best matches your users' characteristics for a given impression.


  • Do tags work with FairBid?

    Tags are not supported in FairBid, if tags are imperative to your setup, you will need to remain on the Heyzap SDK. Please note that HeyZap is no longer receiving updates.