iOS SDK - App Store ID

Heyzap uses the ID Apple gives to your app on the app store to uniquely identify it.

Getting an App Store ID for an App already on the App Store

  1. Login to the iTunesConnect website
  2. Go to "Manage Your Applications"
  3. Click the icon of the application you're looking for
  4. In the application details page, the Apple ID value is the App Store ID

Getting an App Store ID for an unpublished App

If your app isn't live on the store, you'll need to complete two steps: Get an App Store ID, and then add your app to Heyzap's database.

Getting the App Store ID

To get an App Store ID, you need to complete the steps for submitting to the iOS App Store, but you don't actually need to submit your binary. This only takes a few minutes, and you'll need to do it anyway before you submit to the App Store. With the exception of the SKU and Bundle ID values (which are not important or user-facing), everything you enter here can be changed at anytime.

  1. Login to iTunes Connect
  2. Choose "Manage your Apps".
  3. Click the "Add New App" button in the top left, then choose "iOS App".
  4. Fill out the App information form, then click Continue.
  5. Fill out the Availability Date and Pricing information form.
  6. Fill out the Version information and Rating form. You can change this data at any time, so you don't need to provide any real data or images. Pressing the 'Save' button in the bottom right will tell you what fields are required.
  7. The next page will list your Apple ID under the Identifiers section. Use this value as the App ID when starting the SDK. Click the Done button to save your work.

Adding your App to Heyzap's Database

Complete the form for adding an iOS app to Heyzap's database