Navigating FairBid

The Interface
There are two parts to the Fairbid interface:

  1. The Top menu
  2. Sub-menus

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The Dashboard Module
When you log into the Fyber Fairbid platform, you will be in the Dashboard module.

The Dashboard is used to quickly access the following workflows:

  • The Campaigns section which is used by publishers to acquire users by creating campaigns and connecting them to Fyber partners.
  • The Revenue section which is used by publishers to integrate and monetize apps.

Next Steps Now that you have seen the FairBid Interface, it is time to get started:

For new users

For new users looking to monetize applications, we recommend following the Integration Wizard. The Integration Wizard will walk you through all the necessary steps in setting up your FairBid dashboard, integrating the FairBid SDK and mediating ad networks

For common tasks

If you have used the FairBid platform before, and want to complete specific tasks, you can jump to any of the following sections: