This guide is for new publishers on the Heyzap network who want to begin showing ads in their apps. If you are looking to acquire new users with the Heyzap network, please refer to the advertising guide.

1. Create an account with Heyzap

Create a new Heyzap account by going to the signup page.

2. Claim your app

After signing up, claim your app(s) by entering your app's package name/ app store ID or simply paste in the App/Play Store URL into the Claim an App page.

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How do I find my Android package name?

How do I find my App store ID?

If your app is not found, you should add it manually on that page.

3. Integrate the SDK into your app

First, follow the wizard.

To begin showing ads, you must add Heyzap's SDK to your app. The following guides are available:

4. Publish your app to the App Store or Google Play Store

Once you have successfully seen a Heyzap ad in your app and are fully satisfied with the experience, you are ready to submit your app to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Getting Help

Please contact us at any time if you run into trouble integrating the SDK, or need help setting up ads in your app.